Cybersecurity is one of the most significant risks facing organizations today. Everything from the inadvertent disclosure of confidential information to Malware, Phishing, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and Ransomware are attacking our businesses hourly.

A comprehensive defensive posture requires that key management take the lead in the case of an incident. But what would you do?

Do you know if your IT infrastructure is current and in the most defensive position for an organization your size?

What are the attributes of your business that make you different from others? One size Cyber Security does not fit all!

Knowing you are safe, and that you have a plan in case of Cyber Incident is the responsibility of management!

InfoSec Tactical Solutions ™ offers a comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution which includes: IT Systems Security Analysis, Cyber Security Incident Response Plans, Cyber Crisis Communication Plans, Pre-written Message Maps to notify your stakeholders in the case of a Cybersecurity Incident.

We have training programs for your associates which will make them ‘Cyber Aware’ both in the workplace and at home.

Our professionals are Cybersecurity, Fraud & Forensic, Crisis Management and Operations experts.

The InfoSec Tactical Solution team will assess your cyber readiness using industry accepted standards developed by NIST. The infosec tactical Team educates and trains your staff from IT to the C-Suite to identify threats, defend against attacks, and how to recover in the event of a breach event.

Our comprehensive and tactical approach to your cyber security will prepare your organization to execute:

  • Identify Threats & Risks
  • Protect Critical Data Infrastructure & Assets
  • Detect Suspicious or Hostile Actors
  • Respond to Cyber Breach & Catastrophic Events
  • Communicate Effectively to Stakeholders
  • Recover & Resume Business Operations

InfoSec Tactical is team of professionals who have a passion for bringing cyber security awareness to organizations. Our team of certified professionals in Cybersecurity, Fraud & Forensic, Crisis Management and Operational experts help businesses combat disruption and loss from a cyber security incident. When it is you against the threat actors of the world, we are all about helping you: